Useful SRX Commands

>show interfaces terse

>show version

>show bgp summary

>show system uptime

>show arp

>show configuration | display set | match <keyword>

>show log messages

>show log messages | last 500

>show system alarms

>show ntp status

>show ntp associations

#show | compare rollback ?

>show system rollback compare 3 4

>show system rollback compare 4 5

> show chassis cluster interfaces

>start shell

% ls (Lists files in directory)

% cd .. (Moves up a level)

%cd – (Moves back to previous directory)

% pwd (List current directory)

%rm (Removes whatever filename is after rm)

%mv (Moves files from one location to another)

%cat (Read whatever file)

%scp (Transfers file from one location to another)

%scp junos-srxme-15.x49-D80-domestic.tgz

%vi test

“Press esc” :wq! (This Writes and Quits)

“Press esc” :q! (This quits without saving)

%rlogin -T node1 (connect to node1 in a cluster)

%rlogin -T node0 (connect to node0 in a clsuter)